Blog on Temporary Hold

As you may have noticed, I've not kept up with the blog and have taken down some of the material.   The long in the works essay,  "Of Flesh and Word", is now being worked as a documentary shorts anthology and I'm pleased to announce that the book-in-progress was accepted at the Summer Institute in American Philosophy at the University of Oregon.  I will be presenting the work in July.  So with that and all of the studio work I'm quite pressed for time, but I hope to keep things updated here about the ongoing project.  The plan is for me to start working out some of the material here soon.  So check back periodically and feel free to send me questions. 


UPDATE:  The SIAP presentation went quite well.  The process has improved the work drastically; I've made some great friends and received valuable feedback.  I'll post more soon, possibly with content from the work.