Erick Forsyth

Native of Mobile, Alabama.  Studied at the University of Alabama.  Before finding my way to the Studio I spent time as an Amateur Boxer, Classic Soul Radio Host, activist, traveling, and working various odd jobs.  My experiences have pushed me toward a fundamental interest in language and its manifestations in identity.  While my work in metal arts and photography were originally a means toward non-abstraction-- a counter to what consumed me in my writing-- they have largely become fused in what I hope to be creative forays into expressing the complexity and fluidity of "the self" and its history.  

Admittedly, this contains some of the sort of bullshitty pretense with which philosophers, critics, artists often speak.  I'm as guilty as those at whom I chuckle, but whether it's downhome straight talk from the street, pedantic posturing in academia, or the self consumed jargon in art galleries, it's all part phony, part real.  There is nothing fully authentic, truths only provisional.  The best one can strive for is sincere expression of experience with an earnest critique of that "experience".   Whether in the medium of wet plate image, steel, or ideas in the form of writing or video, The Three Graces Studio attempts to do just this. 

Shot by fellow bham tintype team, gus duggar

For me, it's as motivated by a need to seek insights and understandings as to get over lost loves and creative shortcomings.  Non-equivocation is difficult.  Freud was said to have commented that Nietzsche "Had more penetrating knowledge of himself than any man who lived or was likely to live"-- a difficult task in his own time to be sure, perhaps even more so today.  As Thomas Wolfe writes, "Which of us has known his brother? Which of us has looked into his father's heart?  Which of us has not remained forever prison-pent?  Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone?" --

To this I offer a Raison d'Etre:  Prison-Pent through biology, time, language, and the myriad social forces that imbed themselves deep within us, there are pathways that wrest us of binds, loosen shackles.  We must find them in any form. 









Occasional Contributors:

Cole Nunely

Cole, a former physics major turned design fanatic, is currently pondering what he'd like to say in this blurb.  It will undoubtedly be some profound quotation or story of his excellence.  He hails from the sleazy town of Panama City Beach, FL.  We'll see if he makes it to work tomorrow.  (Currently focusing on his studies, Cole is planning on returning to work regularly in the Studio)








Tim is a photography major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He has been working with the wetplate process at the studio, events, and does fine film and digital work of his own. 












Matthew Holmes

With a background in Carpentry and Theater Set Construction, Matthew joined the Studio to learn Blacksmithing and Wet Plate Photography.   He lent his abilities to many of the studio's post-Volvo attack rebuilding and upgrades and as you may have noticed, stood in as a wet plate model on occasion.  Continuing on with some of the skills he practiced here, he is now working as Lead Fabricator with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA.